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Our Many Causes


Our way of donating is not something you see everyday. We donate premium content, HD videos that we create ourselves. We research the charities that are important to us and then donate video ads promoting those causes and charities who align with our core values and principles. These videos can be disseminated to the masses in seconds and the message can be spread over and over for an indefinite period of time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.



Getting Involved

Campin’ For A Cause

Campin’ For A Cause

How it works: Our Camper Delivery Service providers will be voluntarily embarking on a new and amazing donation program. We are proud to announce that starting this year, the people delivering their campers and setting them up for customers will be donating their campers for short periods of time for those who suffer from disabilities and illness. The campers will be delivered and set up for them at campgrounds and private land areas across America.

This program is 100% voluntary and each camper delivery provider who chooses to participate will be given a free, professional HD video ad for their Camper, created by us so that they can bring more exposure to it and get more business. 


Ryan Jamison

Your Impact

By Supporting Easy Campin’ you support a myriad of reputable and important charities and causes. We work hard to ensure our impact is made on communities across the country.


Who We Fight For


We donate our premium videos to various animal groups.


Our charity videos are donated to various groups that fight homelessness. 


We support our vets in a big way.

What we do

Our Commitment

Our Passion for giving back will always be a cornerstone of Easy Campin’. We believe that it is how we treat people that is most important, not how much profit we make.
Ryan Jamison

Ryan Jamison

Owner/Founder Easy Campin'


Hi! Thank you for showing interest in my company. We hope that we can earn your business and lifetime friendship as we grow and show you that we are not like the others. We care about people, animals and the environment and will make it our main goal to help make your next adventure the best one yet! Thank you so much,

Ryan J.

Upcoming Events

Sept 23rd - Campin' For A Cause Event In Portland, ME

October 10th-13th. Campin' For A Cause Event near Boston, MA