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Need Short Term RV Rental Insurance?

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Inexpensive, Flexible And Reliable. Obtain Easy RV Rental Insurance Through MBA If You Choose.





Easy Campin’s 3rd party partnership with MBA Insurance out of Arizona provides commercial policies for our owners and dealerships who join our network of travel trailers at preferred rates!!!

For travel trailer policies, MBA provides physical damage coverage for the trailer subject to the deductible. This covers the owner’s personal use, which would generally be needed for the transport portion, and then it extends coverage to the renter once they’ve signed the rental agreement.

Owners do not have to maintain a personal policy. MBA provides rental contracts devised by our attorney once the policy has been bound. Check in and check out forms along with a liability extension form can be found in the attached Trailer Rental User’s Guide. MBA also provides the owner with an excess liability policy for protection from any allegations of negligence.

There are off season options with a 60% reduced premium for owners who do not rent year round which are available from October 1st  through the end of April.

To request a quote from our trusted partenr, please click on the link below and follow submit the required information through their secure portal. 

MBA will need the physical address the owner is renting out of, contact information for the owner, and the vehicle information (make, model, year, length, value).  A VIN is not required to obtain a quote request.  MBA policies are three months’ minimum and require the insured to pay their first month up front plus a deposit (which is an average of two month’s premium). If the insurance policy cancels within the first three months, the deposit is forfeited in most cases. 

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To connect people with the outdoors and each other. To create opportunities for people to access travel trailers who otherwise couldn’t and provide a reliable source of income for those who choose to join our Delivery Network.  We believe in doing what we can to help others and use our leverage to advance good in communities across the country. 

Our Vision

To give people the opportunity to spend more time with their friends and loved ones in the great outdoors. To provide a lasting foundation for doing good while fostering charity and promoting important causes along the way.   

Our Values

To serve every customer with the highest quality care.  To treat each and every query with sincerity, and to provide the most value for you and your family experience. We believe in doing right by everyone and making a lasting positive impression for others to follow and lead with. 


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