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How does your company operate and what is the process to order a camper delivery? Well, it’s all very simple. First, we do not own all the campers we use. In fact, we just own 2. The campers we use are recruited through a careful and thorough vetting process to ensure we bring in only the best into our network. After the application process is completed and we have established rates and been given a firm commitment, the campers and their owners become part of our Delivery Network. They then await business sent from us from our skilled marketing efforts. 

How do you order a camper delivery? Easy, simply fill out the “Request Camper Delivery” form located on that page in the middle of the website. Once you submit that info, we then turn to our network of camper delivery providers and contact them to see if they can provide the camper service for the requested dates. If they can, we will send the customer a quote along with pictures of the unit. We invoice the customer who then pays up front. We then pay the provider for the camper rental.

What does Easy Campin’ do in all this? We handle the advertising, booking, payments, customer and provider payments and interactions and anything else you can think of minus the actual delivery of the camper. That is done by our trusted Camper Delivery Providers. Make sense?

Our Elite Camper Delivery Network

We handpick each Camper in our network. We track performance and promote transparency so that we can manage the network properly and get the best campers and service to our customers.

It's Time You Took A Hassle Free Vacation!