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Our Story


Easy Campin’ was formed in June of 201 after leaving the corporate sector where I spent 12 years. I was sitting in my Wolf Pup camper one day I had bought years before and I noticed several friends spending more time in it than anticipated. Thats how I came up with the idea to rent it.

 That’s when I began to create a Network of RV owners nationwide.  This would enable me to recruit the best quality RV’s, handpicked by me with the focus mainly on delivery services. We are not a listing site like everyone else and we are proud to be this way.

During the summer of 2018 I worked around the clock delivering and setting up my own campers in Maine and NH (I had a few) for customers at homes, campgrounds, outdoor venues and private land areas. It was quickly evident that there was a need in the market for such services so we began to slowly expand outside of New England. 

In November of 2018 I sold my possessions, bought an 18 foot retro style camper and wrapped some company logos on it, hooked it up to my pickup truck and hit the road. I no longer had any use or desire for my personal items anymore and found happiness in shedding my “stuff” and my house to live a more simple life inside my little camper.

We are a company that cares about people. There are other rental companies out there but we are unique in many ways. We place less value on profit and more on people and we want you to have the best possible experience with us. We firmly stand by the idea that it is how we treat people that defines our character. Not how much money we make or the # of listings we have on our website.

You can always call me.  207-572-6444. Thank you for your interest!

 -Ryan Jamison

Owner-Easy Campin’

We used Easy Campin’ when they just started. Ryan showed up well before us with the camper delivery. When we arrived the scene was terrific. He found us a spot literally 200 feet from the Racetrack. Tiki torches were lit. HE approached us and said “welcome to your temporary home. I need to go to Walmart again for you because i forgot your table and when i went to get a new one from Walmart earlier I instead brought back a bench. So I am going to go back again for you.” Great guy. Kept his word and the service was amazing.

Wil From New Hampshire

Business Manager

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To connect people with the outdoors and each other. To create opportunities for people to access travel trailers who otherwise couldn’t and provide a reliable source of income for those who choose to join our Delivery Network.  We believe in doing what we can to help others and use our leverage to advance good in communities across the country. 

Our Vision

To give people the opportunity to spend more time with their friends and loved ones in the great outdoors. To provide a lasting foundation for doing good while fostering charity and promoting important causes along the way.   

Our Values

To serve every customer with the highest quality care.  To treat each and every query with sincerity, and to provide the most value for you and your family experience. We believe in doing right by everyone and making a lasting positive impression for others to follow and lead with.